Manage that Paper

Budget Planning to get your money right

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”, so get out there, work your ass off and manage that paper. That was well-known in my household growing up. You can also start playing the lottery and hope that you hit big, but until then, we all need to hustle and budget. One of the ways that I like to budget each month is by organizing my income, bills, and spending into a budget planning sheet. Start with your take-home pay after taxes, then narrow down your recurring bills and estimated spending habits like groceries, gas, dog food, beauty upkeep, etc. 

With this monthly budget planning sheet, you’ll see where your money is going and helps keep you on track. No one wants to see an overdraft fee in their bank account. And when it comes to miscellaneous spending, like dining out or buying new shoes, try to decrease that number as much as possible, and put more into the savings category instead. We all like to enjoy the finer things in life, yes, but seeing that number in your savings account grow becomes even more rewarding.

Check out the budget planning sheet here: