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We are two down-to-earth, bad-ass bitches who have been through some sh*t.  This blog is designed to help you 'find your happy', but it won’t be all unicorns, fairy tales and  fake smiles - we like to keep it real.  There will be contemplation, laughs, tears, self-realization and joy, with a sprinkling of taboo topics along the way. We are who we are because of the taboo and difficult situations we have faced in our own lives. These experiences are what shaped us into strong, more open-minded, relatable women who can better understand other women's’ stories with no judgement or criticism.

We were lucky enough to meet each other in a local bar, (remember, a happy life is all about balance and those hypothetical ‘cupcakes’ ;-*) back in August 2016. Since meeting, our bond has made us inseparable. We encourage and build each other up, celebrate each other’s successes, and are there for each other at our lowest. With support (since queen’s fix each other’s crowns, ladies) we have found our way to our happiest and best versions of ourselves (yeah, we’re pretty fucking awesome). As we continue on our own journeys of personal growth, self love, and discovery, we have a passion and drive to help others do the same. We can’t wait to share our gift of empowerment and healing through love, health, happiness, and, yes, sweets & booze with you! So, come join our tribe bitches! We’re the new, sexy, chic self-help blog!

I am the girl who had her whole life figured out. I had everything planned according to the timeline that I at the naive, inexperienced and YOUNG age of 18 set for my life. I had planned to become an elementary school teacher and start teaching right after college. I did. I planned to have a huge, fancy wedding and get married in my early 20s to my highschool sweetheart. I did. I planned to build my dream house to move into with my new husband, right after my wedding and get to host all of our big family holiday celebrations. I did. I really thought I had my shit together. I did not.

Just a little life tip ladies: DON’T plan your life! It will NEVER turn out the way you planned--and even if everything you had planned does happen to workout the way you planned, in the end, you’ll find that they won’t be what you wanted anyway.

To read more about how I DID finally get my shit together, read my About Me page.
In the meantime: Enjoy life, live in the moment and FOR the moment! Don’t waste away your life constantly focused on the destination, be happy and enjoy the journey getting there :-*

My independent and sassy personality was certainly inherited from day one. My mother comes from a long line of tough women and my father grew up in a humble household of 12. Group my complex genetic make-up, upbringing, and taboo life experiences and there’s Megan Ann!. From a young age, I always felt that I had this acute consciousness of reality and presence; always thinking, observing, and analyzing the world around me. I️ would often think about what life is, and the concept scared the hell out of my 12-year-old self. “I have this one life. I have to make it big. That’s all there is to it”, I would tell myself. I didn’t quite know what ‘big’ was (although an actress and singer was always at the top of my list), but I wanted to be a part of something greater. This mindset, although wise of a young girl, eventually created a dark entangled web of dysfunction throughout my life. There was much more than being independent and sassy.

So who am I️? What makes me truly happy? What is it that I want? Am I️ pretty? I grew insecure and conflicted with identity starting around 14. For starters, I’m an introvert, which was an incomprehensible concept to me growing up, especially when you live in a predominantly extroverted world. Everyone telling you to speak up. Smile. Ugh, I hated it when people said that. How judgy can you be. I AM FINE, I JUST HAVE A RESTING BITCH FACE. Back then, I felt like I was different, misunderstood, and therefore, something must be wrong with me.  Feeling like an outsider, I soon found myself in a habitual unconscious pursuit of gratification and seeking entities to fill this void of wholeness, fulfillment, or even ‘normalcy’, specifically when it came to relationships, persona and profession. It was an ongoing cycle of short-lived satisfactions followed by discontent. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush… pursuing happiness and meaning in all the wrong places. Through all of the chasing and conflict, I had ultimately neglected to acknowledge the core of my deeper rooted self: the compassion, hope, and love that rested inside of that once ambitious 12 year-old-girl who dreamt of being a part of something greater.

Intense self-reflection and new life experiences led me on the path to discovery of happiness, authenticity, and meaning. The overall theme of my suffering points to a woman of positivity and empathy who has always been geared to help and enlighten others. In fact, we are all called to learn, to share our stories, and to inspire. I️ am a firm believer that everything in life has a purpose and life doesn’t throw you challenges you can’t handle. Dysfunction may just be the thing that ultimately kicks you in the ass and awakens you. Your weaknesses and negative life experiences may have a higher good, after all. This is how Mind, Body & Cupcakes came alive and I am so grateful to share my story with you. Join our tribe of Balanced Bitches today!

If you struggle(d) with identity issues, self-worth, or depression, feel free to read more about my story and path to discovery in Relationships, Think Happy Be Happy, and Boss life. I promise it’s not all a debbie-downer.

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