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NYE – Dinner Party, Game Time and Good Company

Happy New Year my fellow balanced bitches! I hope everyone had a great NYE despite the freezing cold in the Northeast area. These low temperatures have been mind-blowing and I am not fan. That’s not going to stop us from having a good time though! We decided to have a small casual get-together with friends. Just 6 of us! The perfect size – – not big enough to get stressed and not small enough to get depressed. Just right. Planned an easy menu and pulled out the interactive, and somewhat inappropriate, games!  Talk about budget-friendly too.

NYE is the perfect time to throw a simple and manageable menu that you and your guests will enjoy. I like to compare it to a Super Bowl party actually (future post to come 😉).  

Here’s a breakdown of a few guiltless apps and sweets we made ahead of time:

Dinner Party
New Year's Eve

In addition to these delectable dishes, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re planning a party with a lot of drinking…

  • Refrigerate the Champagne as soon as possible. You want the champs to be icy cold when it’s time to pop bottles at midnight!
  • NYE Party hats and other décor. You don’t need to go overboard here, unless you want to. Depending on the size of your party, you cannot miss the party hats, noise makers, and maybe some fun party glasses too. The extra props make a party feel like a REAL party.
  • Paper plates, cups, champagne glasses and shot glasses. This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to buy these!  No need to pull out the glassware. You can get these paper products at your nearby grocery store, or if you’re feeling lazy, I swear by Amazon. There’s always more variety to choose from online too.
  • Get Pedialyte! For those who don’t know already, Pedialyte is a great hydrator and cure for hangovers.
  • Cases of bottled water – – again, hydrate! You’ll thank us the next day.
  • Frozen pizzas for the after-after-party! You know you and everyone else will be hungry again at 2am.
  • Selfie stick anyone? We’re personally not into taking pictures of ourselves, but NYE is an exception! Get that selfie stick out and start making those memories!


We love game nights in general. You just can’t beat a casual night in with your friends or family over drinks & laughs. And it doesn’t hurt your wallet, which is even better.  Here are some of the fun games we played and recommend for ANY party or get-together:

And that’s all folks!  Easy, practicable, and fun!  Drop a line to share your NYE party tips. We love to hear new ideas 😊