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Just 10 mins to a reduced-pore complexion

I’ve spent a lot of money on facials in my lifetime. Not only because it’s relaxing and refreshing, but I also just happen to have rough skin and imperfections that I wish would go away. Obviously, we don’t all have the time and money to shell out on professional facials. I’ve researched a bunch of different at-home products and regimens for clearer skin and masks specifically targeted at reducing pore size and removing blackheads. Sadly, I admit I have spent more money on expensive at-home products that have turned out less than impressive. Of all the products I’ve purchased, these two are my favorite AND the most affordable. I try to do at least 2 masks a week on top of my daily cleansing regimen.  

Here’s our simple guide to a smooth & reduced-pore complexion in just 10 minutes.

Mask 1 (Ann):

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay MaskI discovered this mask a few years ago when browsing Amazon (because Prime is my weakness). I was astounded by the number of reviews for this mask and I just had to learn more. Well, the hype is real. Coming from a girl who struggles with splotchy-ness and pore size, it was exciting to find a budget-friendly product that provided a quick face fix before a night out, which is typically when I do my masks, unless I want to dry up a blemish. This mask is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, a material that the Aztec Indians have apparently been using for thousands of years; even Cleopatra used clay from the Indian River to beautify herself. How much of this do I actually believe – I don’t know – but it sounds good! The clay certainly refreshes my skin, so I’ll take it. It’s great for not only facials and acne, but also body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, and even insect bites. I use primarily on the face though.

This mask comes in a powder form and a little bit goes a long way. Like I said, I purchased this product a few years ago and I STILL HAVE THE SAME TUB. Not bad for $10! I typically use just 1 tablespoon and a splash of apple cider vinegar or water for each use. To make things less messy, it’s also worth purchasing a plastic bowl and spoon for mixing. After mixing, you’re going to apply a thin coat to the entire face. Be sure to get rid of any lumps as it can affect the drying 

Mask 2 (Megan):

Anti-Blackhead Peel-off Mask:

First, let’s start off by ignoring the fact that the mask packaging says “Cleanlng” with an ‘L’ instead of ‘i’ in ING.. HA. Anyway, I am sure most of you have seen these peel-off masks on Facebook ads. The idea of peeling away the dirt and grime from your face is appealing. Coming from a girl who has struggled with having beautiful clear and smooth skin, I wanted to try this out ASAP. In contrast to the clay, the blackhead mask should be layered generously to form a thicker layer. After 5 minutes or so, your skin should be dry and ready to start peeling 😊

Gently peel the mask starting from either the top left or right of brow or bottom of cheek. Go slow enough so that you’re collecting all the nitty gritty that you can. It may hurt a little, but it’s worth it. After the entire mask is taken off, you might be a little red, but it’ll go away after 10 minutes or so. You’ll feel so smooth and clean! I like to do these masks before a night out or before bed.  They make a huge difference in my skin, or I like to think they do. 

blackhead mask
Facials clay mask and black peel mask